How events build brand image and rapport

Whether it’s an evening dinner, an open day, a masterclass, or a conference, people love meeting in person, and it’s an excellent way to showcase your brand. 

Events have long been a way to build brand image and loyalty. Meeting colleagues, clients, and friends of your firm in person in the same room is a powerful way of building rapport and relationships while showcasing your brand and what makes you different.

It is vital to interweave a company’s brand image into the design of any event. 

Cohesive branding and messages throughout events for new business ventures, product launches, or celebratory dinners are essential for establishing trust with supporters and clients. 

By illustrating your values, image, and offering, you can make a clear and long-lasting impression on potential customers and retain your current clients, making you stand out from competitors.

We recently held a premium evening dinner for one of our engineering clients and took over an entire restaurant. The event marked two years of trading and the company’s rapid growth. 

A priority was on connections and intimacy, ensuring every guest felt valued and showing that our client was grateful for their (guests) involvement in its success so far. Through a two-course dinner, welcome drinks, keynote addresses and presentations, and live entertainment, guests were engaged and entertained throughout the evening. 

Creating an ‘Instagramable’ event is always a priority nowadays. Ensure guests snap selfies and videos and share them on their social media. User-generated content is always the best social media content—other people talking positively about you and your company is far more powerful than talking about yourself. 

From a PR perspective, company events are a powerful way to build rapport with journalists and key opinion leaders within your industry. Inviting journalists and providing them with content and exclusives while entertaining them is an excellent way of keeping your company name at the forefront of their minds when they’re next writing or filming a piece relating to your industry. PR and events go hand in hand.

We understand the importance of being on-brand at your event. 

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