Platinum Live announce association with AdSmart from Sky

We are excited to announce we are working in association with AdSmart from Sky.

AdSmart is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising from Sky which levels the playing field, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the unrivalled power of TV.

With AdSmart, different adverts can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means brands and businesses can now advertise on 100’s of the nation’s favourite channels, but only to the audience that matters to them.

The award-winning platform allows us to select households based on factors like age, location and affluence for our client’s campaigns. AdSmart’s precision radically reduces the costs, making TV advertising possible for almost any business.

Here at Platinum Live we are driven by data and insights in everything we do.

The AdSmart platform allows us to track not only ROI but also engagement rates, ad recall, emotional response and much more.

Since launching in 2014, AdSmart has been used by 2,400 brands for more than 28,000 campaigns to provide engaging, brand-safe and relevant TV campaigns.

The beauty of AdSmart is you don’t have to track your audience by channel, time or programme; your ad only plays out when your selected audience is watching, so clients can be sure every penny counts.

TV continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform out there. As a nation, on average we watch over 3.5 hours of TV a day and TV delivers more profit per £ spent than any other form of advertising.

Ask anyone to name their favourite ad and it’s most likely a TV ad. This popularity translates into effectiveness.

Oliver Hodgson, MD of Platinum Live commented: “This is a brilliant coup for our clients, whilst we work heavily in digital, we believe in opening new opportunities and doors for our clients. TV advertising is and will continue to be a powerful way of positioning brands in front of their relevant target audiences.

“What’s particularly favourable about the AdSmart platform is its ability to provide such great insight into the success of a campaign, allowing us to evaluate its success and ultimately track the return. The ability to reach specific audiences based on such rich targeting data is game-changing.”

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